Coin Cleaning Storage Box With Full Kit !

Coin Cleaning Storage Box With Full Kit !

Great Idea to keep all your composite cleaning pencil products in one box.

Coin Cleaning Storage Box Full Kit includes:1 x 100ml Bottle of  New Coin Cleaning Solution with Instructions 1 x 1oz Plastic Coin Tub 1 x Composite Cleaning Pencil includes two different composite inserts. 1 x Preserve It Microcrystalline Wax Blend 1 x Pack of Composite Inserts 1 x Fine Detail Brass inserts and 1 Brass Brush insert.

About coin cleaning solution,

Composite Cleaning Pencil Coin Cleaning Solution is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution that is 100% biodegradable and an acid-free product.

The solution can be used for cleaning any object made from gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, zinc and nickel etc with the solutions main advantage being the active softening formulation that aids in the removal of all encrustations, oxides, soils both hard and soft. without damaging the original patina of the object.

The solution can be used for Ultrasonic baths also.

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