Treasure Hunting Magazine review by Adrian Gayler

Treasure Hunting Magazine review by Adrian Gayler

I tested the ‘Trio pack special’ Composite cleaning pencil kit which included the pen, wallet and two ‘tough’ black composite inserts (designed for removing and picking off hardened surface crust) and three softer white composite inserts (designed for light and gradual cleaning) as well as a tin of the preservation IT wax.

One of the reasons I was intrigued to try the cleaning pencil compared to recent cleaning tools was not only its ability in cleaning but the well-engineered looking pen and supplied wallet. I often find my wife trying to use my traditional cleaning pencils to write notes to the milkman with utter confusion or end up losing or breaking them. The supplied wallet and ability to store the additional rods was a nice touch but a real benefit to me which I liked a lot.

The Preservation IT wax
This wax comes in a shoe polish style tin and contains Microcrystalline which I have found is produced from lumber or plant biomass and used in a wide variety of industries, including food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal feeds upon research. The high-quality wax has been developed to produce a non-colour fading and clear finish and has a slight aroma and is not too tacky or oily. It can also help improve the appearance of patination on your finds which I found to be true.

Using the cleaning pencil/pen
On first using the pen I found it a real joy to hold and liked the ability to increase the length of the shaft with just a simple push of the button on top of the pen. Along with being quick and easy to change from black to white inserts. Under a well-lit microscope and starting with a very grotty 1965 shilling (I used this as a ‘tester’ coin) using the tougher black rod, I was intrigued to see how much pressure I needed to get results.

After applying with a thin cotton cloth I straight away noticed the improvement in the patina shine, even before buffing off. The wax seals the surface from oxygen and moisture making it suitable for the protection of Bronze Coins and Artefacts and protects from oxidation and dulling. After a minute I buffed away the wax and found the results to be impressive. It was as if the coins were crying out to be noticed more. The wax lifted the patina greatly and produced a natural sheen with depth in the text around the edge. I have since cleaned bronze, copper and brass artefacts and coins of varying ages with the cleaning pencil as well as applying the wax. They have not faded or become tacky after 3 weeks sitting on my desk at home which previous waxes I have found sometimes do.

George V Penny beforeGeorge V Penny after

Overall if you have the patience and time I would recommend giving the composite cleaning pencil and wax ago, as not only did I find it relaxing but I have now moved some of my ‘trashy’ finds into my ‘finds’ to be displayed now as they are more legible and viewable than before. You can also re-order additional cleaning poles for the pen online as well as the wax, a cleaning mat and a brass brush as well that fits onto the pencil for those coins with extremely hard deposits.