Gary Cook and our products

Gary Cook and our products

Gary Cook
Rodney Cook Memorial Rally

For many years, I have been involved with the Hobby of metal detecting one of the biggest problems for me was the best and safest way to clean and preserve your finds. 

I had tried a few different methods and utensils but I was always a little disappointed with the end result.

I first met Graham Dempsey in 2019, he very kindly gave me a few tips on cleaning and preservation and introduced me to his composite cleaning pencil. From that moment I have never looked back The Composite Cleaning Pencil can make cleaning your finds so easy and if used correctly will safely remove stubborn crud and other substances that can hide the detail on your finds.

Graham has added to his range and I have recently been using his amazing Cleaning Solution it safely loosens and helps remove the caked-on crude from your coins and artefacts with no damage to them as it is made with water and natural additives (example shown from one of my finds below). Graham is always happy to give advice and I cannot recommend his range enough and I would advise anyone to purchase one.

Roman plate brooch before
Roman plate brooch after soaking in cleaning solution

Graham supports and has a stand at my dad's Memorial Rally the RCM and he is very proud to be a part of the event and help raise money for our Cancer Charities as it's a charity very close to his heart. Thank you, Graham, not only for your support for the RCM but for your advice and your amazing cleaning and preservation range that has helped reveal the detail on so many of the coins that I never knew were there as they were hidden under layers of crud and encrusted dirt.

Gary Cook - Rodney Cook Memorial Rally Founder