The New roman coin composite cleaning pencil fine detail brass attachments is a new addition to the composite cleaning pencil range,ideal for cleaning the smallest of detail.
Includes Composite Cleaning Pencil and Embossed Pen Pouch and Instruction Card.
Includes :
1 x Scraper designed for the removal of heavy encrusted surface corrosion.
3 x Brass needle attachments designed for very fine detail cleaning.
1 x White Composite part designed for light and gradual cleaning of surface to desired detail.
1 x Black composite part for picking off hardened surface encrusted dirt and cleaning out small details.
Ideal for precision work with Bronze coins and Artefacts
Composite 2 mm pencil tips..
Retractable composite pencil.
Easily removable composite inserts
Ideal concept for cleaning encrusted metal artefacts
Remove oxidation from all metal surfaces.
Easy to Re-sharpen with sand paper.


Roman Coin Composite Cleaning Pencil Fine Detail Attachments