GLADIUS Special Pack 1
includes :1 x 100ml Bottle of Gladius Cleaning Solution,with Instructions      1 x 1oz Plastic Coin Tub                                                                                       1 x  Good Detailed Uncleaned Roman Bronze Coin,as seen in the description picture.                                                                                 
1 x  Flush to Wall Epoxy Coloum Stand and Coin Capsule With foam insert.               
1 x Composite Cleaning Pencil includes two different composite inserts .
1 x Preserve It Microcrystalline Wax Blend  
1 x Pack of Composite Inserts 
1  x Fine Detail Brass inserts.
Gladius coins and artifacts cleaning solution is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution which is 100% biodegradable and acid free product.The solution can be used for cleaning any object made from gold, silver, billon, bronze, brass, copper, zinc and nickel etc with the solutions main advantage being the softening all encrustations, oxides, soils and bronze/silver disease both hard and soft.The solution will also help remove any oils or wax which may have been added to the coin or artifacts (ancient or modern) without damaging the original patina of the object.The solution can be used for Ultrasonic baths also.Gladius coins & antiquities Ltd cleaning solution is a market leading and best in class solution developed by one of the owners of Gladius and after many years of research, testing and development of the liquid it is now offered to the market to dissolve all of your encrustation problems.The solution has been independently tested and officially approved.

Gladius Special Pack 1