Fine Coin Cleaning Powder 25gms ONLY

Fine Coin Cleaning Powder 25gms ONLY

Now Available 

If you have purchased this product before and only require the cleaning powder and still have the preserve It Microcrystalline wax .We have now made this available.

The fine coin and artefact cleaning powder are ideal for coins and artefacts that do not require a complete cleaning process, easily used with great results, simply use a cotton cloth and rub onto the PRESERVE IT microcrystalline wax and the dip into the fine coin and artefact cleaning powder, and slowly wipe the coin or artefact surface and watch the dirt remove from the surface, as a great valued package this includes Preserve IT micro-crystalline wax blend 50ml tin. Ideal for Copper, Bronze, Brass and all metal surfaces owners discretion is required to Silver and Gold.

Fine Coin Cleaning Powder is a mixture of finely ground fossilised plankton and a blend of fine specialised soap, this abrasive mixture clings to the soiled surface and can be easily removed allowing detail to be revealed. 

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